Configure Prescription Details

Please be advised that there will be essential maintenance to the Patient Facing Services website, taking place at the following dates and times

  • 21:00 and 23:59 on 24th July
  • 21:00 and 23:59 on 25th July
  • 21:00 and 23:59 on 3rd August

There will be no access to order online prescriptions during these times. 

Repeat Prescriptions

If you need to take medication regularly, arrangements can be made for you to collect your prescription without being seen every time by a doctor. Please note that this service is purely for medication which the doctor has put on repeat and is written on your re-ordering slip. This service cannot be used to order any other medication. NHS Guidelines limits the issue of repeat medication to a maximum of two month supply each time.

To register for our online Repeat Prescription Service please complete the sign-up form by following this link here. Check out our Guide to registering for Online Services and our Guide to requesting a repeat prescription for step-by-step instructions.

You can follow this link to order your repeat prescriptions online - You must be registered for Online Services before accessing this site.

Prescriptions may be ordered by telephone on 0131 650 2674 Monday to Friday from 14:00 to 15:00 or by placing a written request the presription box in the practice lobby. Please use your re-ordering slip (attached to previous prescription) when ordering by telephone or in person.



Some local chemists provide a collection service for repeat prescriptions; see below for the list. Please inform the receptionist each time you request your prescription if you want it to be sent to one of the chemists. We can post prescriptions to you if you include a stamped addressed envelope with the request.

Please allow 48 hours before collection.

  • Boots, St Patrick Street
  • Boots, Cameron Toll
  • Boots, Newington Road
  • Bristo Square Pharmacy
  • Dears Pharmacy, Easter Road
  • Grange Pharmacy
  • Inch Pharmacy
  • Kings Pharmacy, Marchmont Road
  • Mackenzie Pharmacy, Forrest Road
  • Marchmont Pharmacy
  • Newington Pharmacy
  • Omnicare Pharmacy, Causewayside
  • Omnicare Pharmacy, Tollcross
  • Royal Mile Pharmacy
  • Southside Pharmacy
  • Well Pharmacy, Mayfield Road

Change from your CFC inhaler to a more environmental one

As part of our commitment to become a more sustainable practice, we have decided to look at our inhaler prescribing.  This has the biggest carbon footprint of any of the things we do in General Practice.

One tiny salbutamol CFC inhaler is equivalent to a 175 mile drive. A different version, called a breath actuated device is only 4 miles!

It has been quite topical with this programme on the BBC about it:

And some information for patients can be found here:

We are therefore keen to switch patients across to this other device which is just as effective to controlling asthma.  It is worth noting that we will keep this situation under review and in a few years, there might be other better devices but for now we think the dry powder inhalers are best.

This is actually our asthma nurses preferred inhaler as she thinks it is easier and more reliably used.

If you would like to be switched across, watch this video about how to use this next device.

And next time you want a prescription, email us to let us know you’d like to change and have watched the video.

Return your inhalers to any pharmacy to reduce chemical leak and waste

If you decide to stay with the CFC inhaler, please try to return it to the pharmacy so the propellant chemicals in it can be disposed of safely.

Hospital prescriptions

Hospital requests for a new or change of medication must be checked by a doctor first. These requests take 48 hours to process. Any urgent medication is usually dispensed by the hospital pharmacy at the time of your appointment.